Wednesday, April 23, 2014

[ FRENCH GUIANA ] The North Atlantic Coast of South America

French Guiana officially just Guiana, French: Guyane, is an overseas department and region of France on the north Atlantic coast of South America. It borders Brazil to the east and south, and Suriname to the west. Its 83,534 km2 (32,253 sq mi) area has a very low population density of only 3 inhabitants per km2, with half of its 250,109 inhabitants in 2013[1] living in the metropolitan area of Cayenne, its capital. By land area, it is by far the largest overseas region of France. As an overseas region, it is inside the European Union, and its official currency is the Euro. [Wikipedia]
"Iles du Salut", this islands are of volcanic origin, linked to french Guiana, off shore Kourou city. Made of 3 islands :
- Royal Island : the penitential administration and hospital were there.
- Saint-Joseph Island : for the most rebellious prisoners.
- Devil island : for the spies an political prisoners.
On the second stamp there is the little hmong community, they come from Laos. They are mainly growersthere. Thanks Ralitza!

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